Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 18.27.13Baptisms usually take place on Sundays at 11.15am or 1.30pm (or 10am Mass at St Ethelbert’s). It is also possible to request baptism at St Augustine’s.
Baptism is the gateway to whole Christian life, where Original Sin is taken away, and a new life of grace as children of God is imparted. Baptism is vital to salvation. Babies of Christian parents should be baptised as soon as possible. We have more than thirty baptisms very year in the parish. Before the baptism of infants the parish invites parents to attend two classes to prepare for and understand better the important sacrament of baptism. Classes cover the meaning of baptism, the practical aspects of the rite of baptism (including understanding the symbolism) and also a general encouragement and explanation about living faith in the family. Classes take place twice monthly. Families will also receive support after baptism has taken place. Please call Maureen Francis for details 01843 597369. Adults can also be baptised after appropriate preparation and discernment (please contact Fr Marcus 01843 592071)

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