First Communion

Takes place in June each year. Classes begin in October of the preceding year. In Holy Communion we receive Jesus Christ himself, body, blood, soul and divinity. It is a sacrament of immense importance for salvation and living out of the Christian life. A thorough preparation is given to prepare children (aged 7 and above) for the reception of First Confession and First Communion. A pilgrimage family day, special presentation masses and other events are part of the programme. Please contact Mrs Julie Rydz for details (01843 584356). Each year we ask parents of First Holy Communion Candidates to attend two catechetical sessions prior to the start of the course and three sessions through the year during the course. First Communion is an event for the whole family to celebrate and an opportunity for a deepening of faith as a family. Please see Julie Rydz. First Holy Communion can also be received by adults (see Fr Marcus for details).

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