First Communion

When can my child receive Holy Communion?

As Catholics we believe that Holy Communion is not just a “wafer” or a piece of bread but the true body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore the act of receiving Holy Communion is something sacred and to be carried out with great reverence.

When children reach the “age of reason”, Catholic children should prepare to receive their first Holy Communion. The first Holy Communion programme in the parish runs from October to May for children in Year 3 at school or above. Notices are given at Mass and in the parish newsletter from September.

If you miss all of these notices, it is an indication that you should begin to practise the Catholic faith, together with your child, (including Sunday Mass each week) to ensure that your child is properly disposed to begin preparing for first Holy Communion. It is essential the child to be practicing before receiving First Holy Communion.

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