Polish Community

Since easter 2012 the Polish mission for East Kent has been established, with its base in Ramsgate. Fr Andrzej Blazkiewicz was appointed to lead this mission and also to help in the Parish of Ramsgate and Minster.

Every Sunday an average of 100 Polish people come for a Polish language Mass at 12noon at St Ethelbert’s.

There is also a Polish Mass on Fridays at 7.30pm. Marriages, baptisms, funerals and all other sacraments and catechesis is offered in the Polish language. Many Polish children attend the school of St Ethelbert’s. The Mission enables Polish people in the area to find strong community links and to continue more easily their religious practices and receive the sacraments. The community, while rightly maintaining its own customs and traditions, integrates with the local parish and there are shared events, celebrations and Masses.

The present Polish Priest is Fr Leszek Klos, he can be contacted on 07468570445.

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